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c’mon lets face it Your family is freakin’ Amazing

Shouldn’t your pictures reflect that? Traditional portrait sessions are becoming a thing of the past… It’s time to ditch the stuffy studio sessions and do something that is fun and unique! Have the ultimate freedom to just be yourself because with a documentary photo session, you won’t have to fake it for the camera. All you have to do is kick back, relax and set yourself free – I’ll take care of the rest.


Your Life. Your Stories. Captured.

Luxe Art Images, LLC specializes in lifestyle photography and family documentary photography, also known as Storytelling Photography in Long Island, New York. I plan each photo session from start to finish with you – my amazing clients in mind – and I work hard to get the images that tell your story authentically. I practice a non-intrusive shooting approach which allows me to capture your family members as you naturally are, while making you feel comfortable and at ease. Photography sessions with me are relaxing and fun-filled. You’ll have an unforgettable experience and images that make your heart sing.

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Life & Art

Honest pictures - Artistically captured

Hello and welcome to Luxe Art Images – a place where life meets art. My name is Eboni [pronounced like Ebony but with an “i” instead of a “y”] but my friends call me Ebi. I am an observer of life, a moment capturer and a memory giver.

I work with people who want to leave behind a legacy of who they are, how much they love and just how awesome their lives are.

I provide emotive, heart-tugging, heart-warming, feel good photography for people who give a crap about the preservation of their memories.


The Artist

I’ve been documenting family stories professionally since 2012, and I’ve been loving every moment of it. Watching bellies grow, babies develop, and families come together in beautiful moments is one of my greatest passions. My primary focus is to capture love in its many forms and make small special moments last forever. Many people describe my style as natural, emotive, honest and fun. I specialize in the creative use of natural light to tell your family stories. I document things just as they are and creatively use natural light to tell your family’s stories.

More About My Story


Documenting Family Togetherness

Imagine having the ability to look back on your photos and remember exactly what happened that particular day. Vivid details of what was said, the activities that were shared and the reasons behind every single smile. To be able to hear the laughter in your ear as if it were happening at that very moment and feeling all the love from spending quality time together as a family. That feeling of nostalgia is what Luxe Art Images strives to obtain during every photography session and delivers impeccably to each and every client. 

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They don’t stay little.

They won’t always need you.

Hold on to what matters.

Embrace the unexpected.

All the moments in-between.

The laughter, the fun and the chaos.

You’ll be glad that you did, I promise.


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From "Nothing" to Your Everything!

“But our daily lives are boing and not worth capturing.” I hear this statement  so many times and can honestly say that it is totally untrue. Your life is anything but… What you may think is nothing and boring today will become the things that are EVERYTHING in the future. Don’t believe me, just ask any empty nester what they miss most about parenting younger children and I guarantee that you’ll be flooded with all the memories they wish they could relive just one more time. Although we cannot turn back the hands of time, we can revisit particular moments if we invest in documenting the memories that matter.

Real Pictures of Awesome Families

Luxe Art Images specializes in creating storytelling imagery for individuals who want to look back on memories – not just smiles… Document your favorite places, not just some random pretty location. No posing, no gimmicks or props — just be your amazing selves and your pictures are sure to shine. Your one of a kind photography session will produce images with meaning. You’ll have fond memories deeply attached to your images and all the details that matter.


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Family History in the Making

A little about the process

Working with a professional photographer is a relationship. Many of my clients become dear friends long after I’ve taken their photos. When you choose Luxe Art Images, you’re making a conscious effort to preserve your family history. Although this sounds like a big responsibility, I assure you the process is simple and stress free from start to finish and you receive major hand holding throughout every step of the way. If this is your family’s first time working with a professional photographer like myself, you may not know what to expect. Here’s a brief breakdown of what the process looks like:


01. Initial Consultation

We speak briefly over the phone to see if we are a good fit to work together.


02. Retainer Fee + Book Session Date

Once your retainer is paid for my services we select a session date and you are officially booked on my calendar.


03. Getting Personal

A questionnaire is completed so that I can get to know all about you and your family.


04. Brainstorming

This is where the fun really begins. We will chat in person at your home, a location that is mutually convenient, or on the phone/skype/facetime to get to know each other further and plan out the activities of your session.


05. Session Day

Your session day has finally arrived and that is when all the magic happens. Remember, it is your day to relax and enjoy your family. During your session, you won’t have a worry in the world and that’s worth its weight in gold isn’t it? 


More About The Process


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